Letter Best: First time for everything

July 6, 2014 

During those long hours between bites, waiting for a steelhead to take the bobber down, my fishing buddies and I have time to talk about some subjects of a personal nature that wouldn't be welcomed in mixed company.

Among the topics of discussion was our "first time." It was a long time ago for me, but as I recall, I had just finished gathering a variety of edibles at one of those places where you carry your food on a tray. I was too young for the kindness I was about to receive, but nevertheless, I was faced with having to make a decision. Should I accept this opportunity or reveal my age to the young lady and surely destroy my chance for personal gain?

My emotions were cycling. Should I overcome the guilt and remain silent? I chose to remain silent and accepted the senior discount. I am now very eligible for the discounts offered by restaurants, retail businesses and service providers. For this, I am grateful. I will always remember my first time. And, I don't forget those who continue to extend this kindness.

DONN SCHELL, Kennewick

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