Fast Focus: 'What should we do with the influx of immigrant children?' Consider the parents' desperation

July 6, 2014 

Let me begin this short response by asking all your readers, the ones who are parents, what kind of depths of depravity and despair would make you hug your children good-bye and then send them down to the Mexican border with the hope they'd cross into a land of plenty to be delivered into the compassionate arms of strangers.

A scary image; mothers and fathers bold enough to chance their children's fate to the unknown and at the mercy of a waiting border army. What must those conditions in Central America be to create such a wanton act? Was not the free trade agreement made during the Clinton years supposed to bring great prosperity to that region and upgrade their living conditions? Apparently, Washington's dream fizzled, at least for the parents of these detained kids.

During the Middle Ages there were three children's crusades. Parents believed God would watch over the innocents on their journey to recover the Holy Land. His covenant wasn't and the children ended up as slaves, or worse. Faith or nuanced economic reasons, the U.S. cannot abide by such an action.

Americans and foreign officials must reunite these children with their parents. What other option can there be?

-- BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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