Fast Focus: 'What should we do with the influx of immigrant children?' Make countries accountable

July 6, 2014 

The children crossing the border unaccompanied tug at our heart strings. Who placed these children in danger? We need to keep dysfunctional governments responsible for the care of their citizens and apprehend organizations and individuals who deal in this human trafficking. Has NAFTA proven to be a failure?

Do we have government aid to any of these South American countries? We need to withhold this aid as the means to pay for the processing and care for these children. Reluctance exists for providing aid to citizens within our own population, so we cannot provide for all who make it over the border, especially if they were aided by individuals who earned wealth from encouraging and providing guide services or transportation. State department needs to work with these countries to insist on prevention of the human trafficking. These countries must be held accountable.

NAFTA was going to increase jobs within the continents. Has it proven to be a failure or has it unfavorably profited some while devastating others. Maybe we need to revisit this treaty.

Many organizations and churches provide charity projects to these countries? We need to work with these organizations to promote education about the high risk of loss of life and or money from a nation who will need to return them to their country.


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