Fast Focus: 'What should we do with the influx of immigrant children?' No more 'anchor babies'

July 6, 2014 

Why is it that people keep having children that they cannot care for? Why is it that poor, impoverished people keep having the most children? Why is it that religious and political entities have the means to deal with this issue -- but do nothing?

America's military should stand shoulder to shoulder from the Pacific to the Gulf to end this invasion of my country. I know this is an impossible action, but really, that is what is needed to stop this once and for all.

This problem is the "domino effect" in that the invasion is the symptom of a much greater issue that is effecting humanity on the planet Earth. A dissertation of a million words may cover the dilemma, but who will take the time to read it? More importantly, who has the fortitude, will and, frankly, the guts to implement what is needed to get humanity away from the brink of disaster?

My ancestors arrived from Germany and Ireland five generations ago, but I am not a hyphenated American -- not German-American or Irish-American -- I am an American. Children of illegals should not be Americans just because their parents broke the law by being here and giving birth. Political votes and capitalistic money bends the law just as a black hole bends light.

-- JOE HENDRICKS, Kennewick

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