Fast Focus: 'What should we do with the influx of immigrant children?' Too many problems already

July 6, 2014 

I feel sorry for the kids being sent here, but we are in a mess now with our costs for the illegals already here. There is no way we, as a country, can accept the influx of aliens wanting to better themselves at our expense. I guess it seems cruel, but to save our butts we had better load these people on buses or planes and take them as far south as Mexico City and let the Mexican government care for them -- they don't seem to care that they are in their country.

It's sad to me that we can have a U.S. citizen/ solider make a wrong turn and end up in Mexico and be locked up, yet Mexico can have hundreds of (what I call illegals) pass through and no problem. It seem to me our great leaders in Washington, D.C., can't get the priorities straight.

It's a sad mess we have gotten in and it seems it isn't getting better. That's probably more than you wanted to know about my thoughts on the border problems.


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