Letter: Bridge over troubled waters

July 6, 2014 

All this controversy over an irrigation runoff route that has a few trees and animals in it. I understand how some can view it as a nature preserve. OK, let's call it that. But the people need streets and roads.

How to resolve the dilemma? I feel like the janitor who happened to be pushing his broom past a group of hotel executives standing in front of the elevators trying to figure how to add another one and how their bottom line would survive without the guest rooms it would eliminate in floors above.

As he passed, he asked quietly "Why don't you put it on the outside of the building?" The executives were stunned -- they had never thought of that! Problem solved.

Now, I'm a music major -- what do I know about streets and roads? Why not span the preserve with an attractive bridge? Design it with as few piers and supports as possible, include a bike lane and observation viewpoint, disturbing a minimal number of trees and animals.

The liberals in our midst who are using this as a ploy to block progress should applaud such a plan, because it addresses their cause and would spend other people's money to get their needs met. And just think -- I actually thought of it myself!


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