Letter: Anyone can be victim of domestic violence

July 6, 2014 

It isn't supposed to happen to a professional person. Every act of domestic violence brings sorrow and questions. A recent recurrent theme that emerged was, how can this happen to a "professional woman"?

Unfortunately, as executive director of Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties, I know that domestic violence can happen to any person. It is unfortunate that there tends to be an implication that there must have been something wrong with the woman that she "would let this happen," especially so if she is a professional.

Women who experience domestic violence are not at fault. They are not weak nor is something wrong with them. We have missed the real issue here. Men, even "professional men" must stop using power, control and physical violence toward women? We can all have a part in making a difference. Take every opportunity to speak with family and friends about healthy and respectful relationships. Take a stand that it is never appropriate to use violence to get your way in a relationship and that perpetrators of violence have to take responsibility for their actions.

Need help because you are experiencing domestic violence? Help is available 24/7 at 509-582-9841.

DAN ASPIRI, Kennewick

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