Letter: Leaders failing

July 3, 2014 

Every now and then a letter appears in the editorial section which is patently false and offensive. Most of the time one could ignore such drivel, but not in the case of Martin Bensky's June 22 letter about the Iraq War, President Bush and the Benghazi scandal. This is a crystal-clear example of pure politically driven hysteria -- condemn everything conservative and praise everything far left, regardless of the truth.

The fact that our country is under attack from numerous fronts does not seem to faze the politically correct crowd -- they just can't divest politics from common sense. The fact that the current administration, Congress and political parties have absolutely failed in their duty to defend the Constitution, honor, sovereignty, security, energy and economy of this country can clearly be laid at the feet of the political ogre.

This is not the United Democrats or Republicans of America -- it is the United States of America. It is long overdue to replace politically driven agendas of extremists with common-sense, truthful and patriotic solutions to the nation's burden.

Given the same set of circumstances as today, I often wonder if America could have prevailed in World War II. The ultimate test might be coming.


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