Letter: 5 who gave a hoot

July 2, 2014 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the five Richland residents who stopped to help my husband and I rescue a small screech owl north of the Howard Amon Park boat launch on June 30.

It had gotten tangled in someone's discarded fishing line and was dangling from a tree branch hanging over the Columbia River.

A wonderful young man and woman alerted us to the situation as they came off the river from a rafting trip; a man who lived nearby helped my husband to carefully break off the branch that held the owl captive; two ladies on a walk stopped to help and one had a nail clipper that was used to cut the fishing line that had tangled around the owl's talons and head; I contacted emergency wildlife rescue volunteers, Dan and Claudia, who arrived promptly to take the little owl to someone who would be able to try to save its life.

We weren't sure how long it had hung there in fear. But because of these caring people, we now all have hope that this small gift of nature will recover. The careless discarding of anything that doesn't belong in our great outdoors may become a death warrant to any of God's creatures that live there.


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