Letter: Alternate to Rachel Road

July 1, 2014 

Regarding a road through the Amon Creek Natural Preserve -- use what already exists.

John Fox's letter June 8 discussed removing the existing Bonneville Power Administration bridge and road. The BPA road is between Rachel and Reata roads on Leslie Road and would provide connectivity to Center Parkway.

The BPA substation at the southern end of Thayer Drive is a good example of a city road providing access to a substation. The BPA access road at the south end of the preserve is adjacent to the railroad right of way and is least disruptive to the preserve. The proposed road, I fear, would look like Columbia Park Trail between Leslie and the roundabout, where wildlife often don't make it across the road.

Let's try to maintain the original intent of the Amon agreement: "The Amon Creek property, in its present state, has significant natural features and provides critical habitat for fish and wildlife and should be managed as a public nature preserve providing opportunity for education, passive recreation and quiet enjoyment by the public."

Please support this alternate route and maintain quality open space for future generations as the communities grow in south Richland. The future developments are dependent on wise decisions made today.

JIM KELLY, Richland

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