Letter -- State House: Haler

June 30, 2014 

On Aug. 5, every registered voter in Benton County should exercise his or her civic duty and right to vote in the primary election leading to the general election in November.

Some think a primary isn't important, but as has been said, "elections have consequences," so don't minimize the primary.

Recently, the incumbent majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives lost a primary election for two reasons. He took his electorate for granted. And he failed to stay engaged with his district's constituency. The shocking defeat has raised the consciousness of national and local candidates across the country.

Fortunately in Benton County and the 8th Legislative District, we have an incumbent Republican candidate in Larry Haler who has served his constituency for nine years. He has never taken his constituents for granted and always has been accessible and responsive to the residents of the district.

When Larry and his supporters knock on your door, you'll know your representative is there because he cares for the voters, not for any personal political glory.

Vote for Larry Haler in the Aug. 5 primary -- for legislative support, for discipline in state spending and to protect education and public safety, small business and jobs.


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