Puzzled by Ki-Be

June 30, 2014 

Staffing changes in the Kiona-Benton School District are ridiculous. I read in the June 8 Herald about another administrator leaving. Although I am elated for her, I am saddened for the students who truly have fallen in love with her.

Shawnta DiFalco was a breath of fresh air that our district desperately needed. She came to this school and made kids feel like they were important. She stepped up to the plate when the principal was put on leave and did an incredible job. The teachers enjoyed working for her and she did a stellar job of learning what needed to be done and doing it. The board and superintendent even praised her for the job she was doing; and yet, here we are looking for a principal for our high school.

We offered the job of superintendent to a man based on 10 weeks as the interim superintendent with no more than a baccalaureate degree in business. No application; no interview; no reference check. And yet here is a woman with her doctorate in education leadership, great reviews from her employees, students, parents, board and superintendent; and 17 weeks as interim principal, and yet we don't offer her the job. Obviously, in the Ki-Be district, what's good for the goose is not what's good for the gander.

TEDDY BRYAN, Benton City

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