Letter: Another Road 68 coming to Richland

June 29, 2014 

The June 19 article, "New hotel and movie theater coming to Richland," highlighted the additional growth of the Walmart-Target area on Dupertail Street in south Richland. The Kennewick Irrigation District property owner was overjoyed with the sale as it can now use the money for other developments while trumpeting the sale as, "good for the Tri-Cities, we are excited."

Unfortunately, while many KID managers and noninvolved public welcome the entertainment prospects, those who must travel through this area for shopping or commuting are less enthused because they must contend with even more egregious traffic congestion and unsafe road access because either current poor traffic flow design or lack of the required (and promised) road improvements to enhance traffic flow such as the Dupertail bridge and Queensgate expansion.

One would have hoped that Richland could be cognizant of public safety and develop the area in a responsible manner, rather than giving carte blanche to developers' construction timetables; especially since this area provides only one of two practical entrances to West Richland. Thank you, Richland, for your thoughtful and measured planning, and we look forward to your duplication of Pasco's Road 68 travel and shopping experience.

BOB LOBER, West Richland

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