How does the Cascade Curtain impact Eastern Washington?' A liberal problem

June 29, 2014 

I believe the "Cascade Curtain" has a very negative impact on Eastern Washington. Western Washington is predominately liberal and because of its larger population they traditionally elect and impose like-minded politicians on we Easterners. The result is we get a bad governor who wants to raise gasoline and other fuel taxes to solve a non-existent global warming problem, plus other liberal ideology which makes all our lives a little less enjoyable and less affordable.

Then our two senators are rock-solid Democrats who fall in lockstep with Obama's agenda. You will never hear them speak out against all the scandals, corruption and incompetence in the federal government.

I think that it would be beneficial to all of us if Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and Northern California would form a new state wherein we could elect politicians who would represent us rather than the liberals. It's a mystery to me why the West Coast has become so liberal. It wasn't always this way. We have had some wonderful governors and senators in the past and I only wish we could have them again.


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