Letter: Fear flouride

June 28, 2014 

Why are doctors concerned about nitrates in well water when Pasco city customers are compelled to drink and bathe in water purposely tainted with corrosive, poisonous fluoride wastes that according to the EPA are illegal to throw away or dispose of by industry but which can be sold to cities as a water treatment product?

Small samplings of uninformed citizens have been used as justification for fluoridation by Pasco "for the children's teeth" while ignoring the destructive internal attack on calcium and magnesium in bones and joints so vital for long-term health.

Untreated exposure to concentrated fluorosilic acid can kill immediately.

Exposure to 3,000-5,000 parts per million of fluoride is evident in carcasses of 10-year-old Yellowstone elk whose jaw bones and mottled teeth have been destroyed -- so nutritionally weakening them that they've succumb to predators.

Exposure to lesser amounts (1 part per million) kills slowly, gradually, cumulatively over a lifetime through "age-related" illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis.

"Acid rain" chemicals -- arsenic, lead, fluorine and a "stew" of others -- are scrubbed from fertilizer plant off-gases, dissolved in water and delivered through liability-shielding third parties to our compliant city.

One author commented tongue in cheek "that the stuff withers plants, cripples cows and even eats holes in stone, but it doesn't hurt people!"


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