Letter -- Congress: Not Didier

June 27, 2014 

Clint Didier, in his most recent attempt to run for whatever office is available, recently announced a gun giveaway in hopes to come across as the most conservative candidate to replace Doc Hastings in the 4th Congressional District.

True to his tea party roots, Didier seems to value guns over human lives, proudly championing the giveaway of guns in the wake of yet another tragic school shooting. He even goes as far as to blame "gun-free zones" as the contributing factor in these tragedies.

It kind of makes the argument "blame the person, not the gun" lose its flavor when you can "blame the gun-free zone, not the person."

In addition to this ridiculous gun giveaway, Didier reveals his vast knowledge of the Constitution when he stated, "There's just an onslaught of pressure and movement against the Second Amendment, and we've got to stop it. ... It's No. 2 for a reason -- to protect the other nine."

I think our district would be best represented in Congress by an individual who has some basic knowledge of the Constitution. For example, someone who knows that there are 27 Amendments to the Constitution, not 10.


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