Letter -- Congress: Didier

June 27, 2014 

Please consider Clint Didier for Congress. Clint has been a successful businessman and leader in our community for many years. He was a strong advocate for keeping our dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. As a farmer and landowner, he is sensitive to the attacks on our private property rights through excessive government regulation, such as listing the White Bluffs bladderpod for federal protection.

Also, as a farmer and a businessman, he is sensitive to the excessive taxation and regulation that has been suppressing the private sector. While he has accepted federal farm subsidies, that is not the reason Clint and his family farm are successful. The reasons are good management practices and hard work.

Most farmers accept subsidies. They help waylay costs when prices are down, yields are down or disaster strikes. While not perfect, subsidies do help to level the playing field in a world market.

If you want someone who will go to Washington, D.C., to speak for the average person, vote for Clint. If you want someone who will go to Washington, D.C., to make some noise, and not give in to the establishment, vote for Clint Didier for Congress, Republican.


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