Letter: Rachel Road

June 27, 2014 

Being neither a member of the Tapteal Greenway Association nor a resident of Meadow Springs, I am urging the Richland City Council to consider other options to the proposed extension of Rachel Road across Amon Creek Natural Preserve.

Apparently certain city council members and staff would like to marginalize the "tree-huggers" of our community. As a longtime "shrub-hugger," I believe the council can find a compromise by working with concerned citizens.

In the May 29 issue of the journal Science, Stuart Pimm of Duke University and co-author Clinton Jenkins of the Institute of Ecological Research in Brazil, wrote that numerous factors are combining to make species disappear much faster than before, but the No. 1 issue is habitat loss. Species are finding nowhere to live as more places are built up and altered by humans.

Richland engineers do not have to build this road across the unique engineering work of Einstein the beaver, which has stood for decades.

Also, if you live in the Rachel Road area, which extends into Benton County, please consider what this road extension means in Richland's bigger plan for your road.

SUE CARVER, Richland

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