Letter: Gun giveaway

June 24, 2014 

Living in freedom, accepting democracy and the rights declared in the Constitution means that I hold myself to accept boundaries to assure these freedoms. It includes willingness to understand others, caring about others and at least attempting to make a difference in each other's lives.

Rights, including the Second Amendment rights, however, were never meant to be elevated to a theology. The gun has become an object of worship that under the guise of "freedom fighters" invites images of imminent danger to life and home.

By last account, I have seen our farmers peacefully driving their tractors for planting and harvesting without the need of a gun squad to protect their fields.

By last account, most of us retire to our homes and frequently don't even lock the doors. Apparently we have enough peace of mind without the need of posting sentries around our properties.

And, by last account, we go to work without requiring guns to assure our safe arrival. I am challenging congressional candidate Clint Didier to stop the senseless direction of his gun giveaway campaign. Instead, he should change his platform to alleviate the pain that lives in our nation because of the violations and crimes committed with guns.


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