Letter: Political liars

June 24, 2014 

A lie is a false statement put forward as truth. George W. Bush lied so we could get control of Iraqi oil. With a few exceptions, all politicians, including some big-name Democrats, said the same thing as President Bush about Iraq's WMDs.

So were they were part of the worst mistake/scandal/crime committed by an American president? If so, it was an unconscionable, unforgivable, and in the case of the president, an impeachable offense.

Oh, I get it. Only those of a certain political persuasion can lie to further an agenda. Well, let's see. You can keep your health care plan and keep your doctor. Average family health insurance costs will be reduced by $2,500 per year. Fast and furious, Benghazi and IRS are phony scandals.

And now the ambassador who was killed at Benghazi is at fault for "poor judgment."

Years from now, we will find out the real reason he was at the consulate in Benghazi. In the words of a company president explaining negotiations with a foreign government representative, "If he has his mouth open, he is either lying or yawning."

In sum, folks need to take what a politician says with a huge grain of salt. I doubt they are yawning.

DAN SUTER, West Richland

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