Letter -- Congress: Cicotte

June 24, 2014 

I am pleased to support my friend George Cicotte in his quest to become our next congressman. George is a graduate of Brigham Young University law school, specializing in health care law.

In these uncertain times, with a massive, unconstitutional government takeover of health care (which represents 6 percent of our economy) by means of Obamacare, this country is in desperate need of new lawmakers who understand the influence of this new law and bring fresh ideas to the table as to how to dismantle it and bring new ideas to the forefront.

George will also work for commonsense immigration reform and defend our Second Amendment rights. George also deeply cares about religious liberty and believes that people should not be forced to violate their conscience just to maintain a business license.

George proves he trusts us by using local volunteers, not outside lobbying firms or professional campaign managers. George is very frugal and believes in getting the most out of every dollar. If voters are looking for real change in Washington, D.C, the money is on Cicotte.


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