Fast Focus: 'What questions do you have for the 4th District candidates?' Can you get work done?

June 22, 2014 

1. Congress now has a very low (16 percent) approval rating, much to do with gridlock. Are you willing to compromise on the issues or will you hold your partisan ground and hold up legislation?

2. Since the Affordable Care Act has been voted on 50 plus times and is the law of the land would you continue to get rid of it, keep it intact or would you try to improve it?

3. Tell the voters what leadership positions you have had that would help make you an effective legislator?

4. Are you planning on addressing immigration or ignoring the issue your first year in office?

5. We hear of a shooting incident almost weekly. Many of the shooters are mentally ill or criminals. Do you believe in background checks of gun owners as a way to help eliminate needless deaths?

6. Are you going to dismiss or accept science from educated scientists when it comes to dealing with climate change?

7. Part of being an American is paying taxes. Some corporations like G.E., Apple and, more locally, Boeing are paying little or no tax. Would you continue to allow this to happen? Please explain.

8. Wages have been stagnant over the last 30 years for 95 percent of American workers. The top 1 or 2 percent have had a nearly 300 percent increase in income. What can be done to change this and drive the economy?

9. This question is for the Republican candidates only.

If you really believed President Obama was right on an issue that he brought to you in Congress, would you vote his way or oppose him because he is in the other party?

10. Would you allow the government to be shut down like just recently where as billions of dollars was taken out of the economy? Why or why not?

-- John J. Patrick, Pasco

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