Letter: Save Amon for posterity

June 19, 2014 

I first came to the Tri-Cities 45 years ago, intending to spend a few years, then get back to land with pine trees and mountains. Instead, our family explored the shrub steppe and Central Washington. Then came growth and missing the sounds of the meadowlarks that I once heard on my way to work.

But then a bright spot ap- peared on the horizon. Some conservation-minded folks went to work to save Badger Mountain, develop Tapteal Greenway and Amon Creek Natural Preserve. All are unique environments to be set aside for residents to enjoy today and to preserve for future generations to study and appreciate.

Assisting in cleaning up Amon has been a joy, which I hope will benefit my grandchildren and their children.

Now we are told that there is need for a road to be gouged out of the Amon Preserve. As I read the dictionary, to preserve is to protect or save. Surely it is obvious that building a road through the natural preserve will destroy much of what was sought to be saved for future generations. Will this be our message of preservation to our descendants?


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