Mid-Columbia births for Thu, Jun 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 

Prosser Medical Center

ANDERSON -- Elizabeth and Derek, Grandview, boy, May 7.

BEAVER -- Eunice and Christopher, Prosser, boy, May 8.

DIAZ -- Selena and Jesus Reyes, Mabton, boy, May 13.

CARDENAS -- Maria, Grandview, boy, May 14.

RODRIGUEZ -- Cassandra and Ernie, Grandview, girl, May 21.

NAJERA -- Cindy and Everardo, Grandview, girl, May 27.

PHILLIPS -- Christi and Jordan Beck, Sunnyside, girl, May 28.

MCMILLAN -- Amber, Pasco, boy, May 30.

GARCIA -- Ashley and Edwy, Grandview, boy, June 4.

GROW -- Hannah and Jacob Rinehart, Grandview, girl, June 5.

FUENTES -- Isabel and Diego Medel, Prosser, boy, June 10.

Trios Health, Kennewick

TROUP -- Alex and Robert Grigsby, Kennewick, girl, June 10.

KINION -- Natalie and Brian Stott, Prosser, boy, June 11.

RODRIGUEZ GALVEZ -- Susanna and Pablo Hernandez, Sunnyside, boy, June 11.

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