Letter: Yes on public safety tax

June 17, 2014 

I'm not one to throw my money away on unnecessary taxes. But I'm also a realist and recognize the good things in life do not necessarily come easy or cheap. This is especially true when it comes to enjoying the quality of life we have in the Mid-Columbia.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our families. Safety is a prerequisite for having good schools and attracting new residents and businesses to this area. Without a safe community, none of these things will happen.

This is what makes the Benton County public safety sales tax so crucial. It will support an essential increase in public safety that is vital to maintaining and improving upon our quality of life.

For just three pennies on a $10 purchase, we will fund 32 additional police officers throughout the county, an additional Superior Court judge, and two additional deputy prosecutors. It will ensure funding for the Metro Drug Task Force and the adult and juvenile drug courts. And it creates important new prevention programs.

I urge voters to go to the citizens4safecommunities website and read more about this ballot measure. I then ask them to support it on Aug. 5. It will be money well spent.

ED PACHECO, Kennewick

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