Letter: Optimum society

June 17, 2014 

According to data received from remote areas of the world, there are some societies that have lifespans of 100 years and more and have almost no crime.

It's funny that the news media feels more compelled to report on obesity and gun control than to face the method of best living for everyone.

These groups eat mostly vegetables and fruit and get regular, beneficial exercise. Most of the diseases do not exist so a long, useful life is the norm. The problem almost seems like someone doesn't want mankind to live in peace.

In our society, there are many more people concerned with beating their neighbor's lifestyle and being control freaks in life, etc., rather than contributing to the total benefit of mankind.

My suspicion is that without the ethical religious mores to drive our community, men easily slide into chaos without caring for their neighbor. The rich forget community assistance while the poor develop the "you-owe-me" complex. Some day, Congress might catch the correct standard of conduct fever -- justice, equal opportunity, etc. necessary to make holistic lifestyle possible.


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