Amon Natural Preserve: Plan for future

June 16, 2014 

I moved to the Tri-Cities less than three years ago, and was so excited to be in an area surrounded by nature. I was shocked to learn the story of the Amon Preserve in Richland. What a treasure it is here in our area already set aside and prepared for the future.

I look at all these big cities across the country who are now scrambling to find "green space" in the middle of their concrete jungle. With this area growing as fast as it is now, it won't be long until the Tri-Cities is an urban sprawl. Why don't we just keep the Amon Preserve as our Central Park?

There is no reason to destroy the space that we have now, just to attempt to recreate it in the future. Yes, we may have to drive an extra three minutes, but isn't three minutes worth the beauty that would be gone forever?

I wish the Richland City Council would listen to the people. We want the Amon Preserve kept as a preserve.


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