Letter: Blaming the gun

June 16, 2014 

The Seattle mayor made the statement that guns were the cause of three recent shootings in Seattle.

I called all my guns together and asked if they were involved. All said they were innocent and could prove it as they were locked up at the time. I gave the standard lecture to them, especially the .357, who is very loud at times. The lecture was similar to the one I gave my son several years ago -- never point his gun at something or someone because it is always expected to be loaded.

Although the guns all claimed to be innocent I told them the mayor is sure it was a gun that caused the problem. I informed them again they would be placed in lockdown until their innocence could be proven.

I make light of the mayor's statement but find it hard to believe a gun was the problem. I have great empathy for the victims and their families, however I find it hard to believe it was the gun's fault. He may have been along for the ride, but didn't pull the trigger.


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