Amon Natural Preserve: Educational opportunities

June 16, 2014 

I don't support the Rachel Road extension over the Amon Creek Preserve. It's easy to walk there on well marked trails. Within minutes of parking one is able to overlook a pond. A gorgeous pair of wood ducks were leading tiny babies. It is unusually quiet there, not like my traffic-noisy neighborhood at the other end of Leslie Road. This place is a unique asset and productive wildlife area in an urban setting. Hiking it is good for the body and the soul. Sitting on a bench sketching wildlife I realized that bench would be under the proposed Rachel Road Bridge. How sad!

Kennewick school children would be better served by this easily accessed nature center near their school than by yet another busy road. With "outside the box" thinking, that school could be an extraordinary de-facto STEM school where students could conveniently do real-life science projects learning real-life math, statistics, GPS mapping. They could study pollinators, hydrology and water quality. The list is endless.

The city of Richland and the Kennewick School District should reconsider the potential of the Amon Preserve. It is a unique asset for so many reasons. Please take more time to think this through and do something extraordinary!


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