Amon Natural Preserve: A difference proposal

June 16, 2014 

I live in Badger Canyon and spend a lot of time commuting to Richland on Leslie Road or to Kennewick on Clearwater/Badger Road. It is interesting that Clearwater is not a true east/west arterial through Kennewick, separating the "north" and "south" sections of Kennewick. It follows the railroad tracks and veers south out to the freeway and Badger Road. It has merged with 10th street (south) by the time it reaches Leslie Road at the roundabout and freeway.

I understand that a main arterial is needed through the Clearwater Creek development. I suggest the cities of Kennewick and Richland get together and extend Center Parkway, true east/west, through Clearwater Creek area to connect to Leslie Road. That would provide a much more effective arterial and access through the area, and probably would connect with Leslie Road at about Mattis Road or the next one north which, as it turns out, is Center Blvd.!

That would be better than mimicking Clearwater and the railroad and veering off to the south and not providing as effective an access across the area. It should parallel Gage and not Clearwater.

Incidentally, that would have much less effect on the Amon Basin Preserve!


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