Amon Natural Preserve: Forgotten agreements

June 16, 2014 

I find it interesting that some of the very same people (from the Tapteal Greenway Association) who accepted money from the city of Richland for the Amon Creek land acquisition, knowing that the intent behind the city's money was for "early right-of-way purchase of the Center Parkway extension to connect with Leslie" (Richland City Council minutes from Tuesday, December 19, 2006), and then allowed the city to accept ownership, and signing a document that states "the city shall have the right to construct a public road across Amon Creek ..." (Amon Creek Property Agreement, March 2007) are the ones packing city hall to complain about this road. Have they already forgotten that they agreed, in principle, to the construction of this road at some point in the future? Did they think the City of Richland was just bluffing? Or are they really that hypocritical to assume that they can suddenly decide to change their minds and no one would take notice?

JACK LYNCH, Kennewick

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