Amon Natural Preserve: Road won't hurt

June 16, 2014 

I couldn't agree more with Dave Hannah (Letters, June 10). The Amon "Preserve" is a natural area overrun with humans and, oftentimes, their canine companions. The wildlife in the area often is scared off by these intruders into their habitat, no matter how considerate the humans and dogs might be -- and we know that not everyone that uses the area is considerate.

I have read plenty of letters talking about how delicate of an ecosystem this region is, but no one talks about how this fragility is impacted by the interference we currently allow.

If you want to preserve a habitat and its wildlife, why would you open it up to pedestrian and canine traffic that will run off and scare this very wildlife? I'm a proponent of a road across the so-called "preserve" -- it won't do any more damage that what's already being done, but will be a huge benefit to our region in terms of transportation connectivity.


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