Letter: Calculating fairness

June 15, 2014 

I wish someone could explain how income equality is fair.

What would be the reward for staying in school, not having children early, spending a fortune on college and working your tail off for a better life? If the reward is "fair" by income equality standards, then why would anyone push themselves and make huge sacrifices for the betterment of their family?

Will there be a fairness calculation? Will it take into consideration your responsibility for being in the position you're in? Or is a doctor to be equal to a teenage burger flipper?

Minimum wage jobs are for those starting out in life, teenagers. Just like your first starter home, it's not meant for you to stay there forever. Minimum wage equals minimum education, effort and sacrifices. And I do not believe they are not intelligent enough.

It takes many failures to succeed. Just as I do not deserve to earn what doctors earn because I chose to have a family instead of a advanced degree, you do not deserve to earn the same as me if you have never invested in your future. That is the essence of fairness. You get out of life what you put in.


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