Letter: Marijuana bans appropriate

June 15, 2014 

Apparently seeking to help promote the infestation of recreational marijuana in the community, Ivar Husa (Fast Focus, June 8) contemptuously chides the influence of churches in that debate.

Additionally he imagines a Republican Party dilemma -- opposing tax increases while desiring to impose new taxes to "punish hippies." These assertions are of course, pure fantasy.

Liberal Democrats are manifestly the masters of punitive taxation and regulation, the enforced picking of winners and losers through government decree.

Anyway, pot abusers, like alcoholics and purveyors of unnatural sex, suffer ample misery of their own making.

Having rejected the uplifting influence of churches, pot people substitute the mind-numbing hallucinations of cannabis.

Truth is that while a few marijuana advocates may benefit from controlled medicinal use, most are simply engaged in a self-indulgent pursuit of personal pleasure.

Not really concerned about community impacts, tax revenue, job creation or drug cartels (those are diversions) they just want to get high.

Clear thinkers understand that the human wreckage created by increased drug abuse will have a greater negative affect than the tax revenues can trump. Thanks to the clear-thinking city council members and county commissioners who choose to back a permanent local ban.


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