Letter -- Congress: Cicotte

June 15, 2014 

For those of you planning to vote for Clint Didier for Congress, it is probably best to think twice. Even though Didier has taken federal farm subsidies for his own farm while enjoying low-cost water from government irrigation projects, he will no doubt seek to privatize the federal dams, the Bonneville Power Administration and the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, increasing the costs for everyone for electricity, food and water.

If you depend on Medicare or Social Security or enjoy visiting a national park, forget about it if Didier gets his way.

You can also count on nothing being done about climate change and the largest environmental project in the nation, known as Hanford, being shortchanged. He will not be a fan of scientific research -- something to think about if you work for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory or Washington State University Tri-Cities. Immigration reform is almost certain to go unaddressed. All he will do is spout platitudes about the Constitution while offering no solutions to our problems.

Didier is just too extreme to represent a district dependent on agriculture, education, environmental restoration, research and high technology. George Cicotte is a better choice for Congress.


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