Fast Focus: 'What should determine the minimum wage?' A maximum limit?

June 15, 2014 

I am not an economist but know lots of economic factors must play into the equation to define just how much a minimum wage should be. It troubles me to know the Millionaire Club of Congress determines what the dollar-and-cent club outside the D.C. radius shall be since they, their lobbyists and the 1 percent Fatcats of Commerce set those standards according to their needs. It's not fair, but even going to the polls will not change what appears to be a hopeless situation. (I urge you to read Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed for a clearer picture.)

So for the sake of argument let's play "What If." Instead of asking readers to opine on the criteria for a minimum wage, ponder the problem from another angle: "What should determine the maximum wage for everyone?"

Wow, such a hypothetical federal directive would undoubtedly make seamy bankers and other modern robber barons soil their shorts. Imagine, just imagine this land adopting such a reversal in our thinking -- tycoons held under a ceiling of wealth in their exploitation of blue collar strivers despite their (CEO) screams of "socialist" and "communist" and "welfare lifers." It would establish a different standard for "What is enough?" at the other end of the economic spectrum.

The ramifications of this radical vision? I don't know, but could it be worse than the current manner whereby the Forbes Fortune 500 pretty much have it their way and the rest of us, the lucky ones, "eat cake?"

It is a revolutionary change in thinking: to level the financial field or at least try to make the economy a bit more equitable. Maybe there would be more to smile about on Father's Day.

-- BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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