Mid-Columbia births for Sat, Jun 14, 2014

June 14, 2014 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

AVALOS -- Celene and Vidal Silva, Kennewick, girl, June 9.

CORONA -- Araceli and Arnoldo Santos, Pasco, boy, June 10.

Walla Walla General Hospital

GUZMAN -- Lindsay and Jose Sandoval, College Place, boy, June 1.

QUISTBERG -- Micka and Daniel Weis, Walla Walla, girl, June 2.

DUNCAN -- Daphne and Jonathan, College Place, girl, June 3.

BERGH -- Deanne and Cory, Walla Walla, boy, June 6.

HOLT -- Melinda and Tyler, Milton Freewater, boy, June 4.

HUNTER -- Monica and Matthew, Walla Walla, boy, June 5.

MARTINEZ -- Aracely and Greyson Shuler, Milton Freewater, boy, June 1.

SCHIMPF -- Vania and Gerardo, College Place, girl, June 1.

CORN -- Kayla and Jae'Von Lozan, College Place, boy, June 3.

Trios Health, Kennewick

LOPEZ -- Lashly and Jose Araiza, Kennewick, girl, June 9.

AGUILAR -- Maria and Celerino Uribe, Pasco, girl, June 9.

SWENSON -- Kayla and Scott, Pasco, boy, June 9.

MERCADO -- Maria and Ruben Jr., Richland, boy, June 10.

JONES -- Jessica and Mark, West Richland, girl, June 11.

CRUZ -- Rufina and Abel Espinoza, Kennewick, girl, June 11.

BARRAGAN-CHAVEZ -- Irma and Agustin Chavez-Lara, Pasco, girl, June 11.

BAZE -- Taryn and Travis, Benton City, girl, June 11.

HATKE -- Johnnae and Travis, Kennewick, girl, June 11.

SZENDRE -- Lisa and Ben, Kennewick, girl, June 11.

ROWLEY -- Joann and Mark, Othello, girl, June 11.

WOOD -- Britney and Travis, Hermiston, girl, June 12.

HERNANDEZ -- Yuma and Jose, Kennewick, girl, June 12.

BRIGHT -- Stacey and Kelly, Burbank, girl, June 13.

Prosser Medical Center

ANDERSON -- Elizabeth and Derek, Grandview, boy, May 7.

BEAVER -- Eunice and Christopher, Prosser, boy, May 8.

DIAZ -- Selena and Jesus Reyes, Mabton, boy, May 13.

CARDENAS -- Maria, Grandview, boy, May 14.

RODRIGUEZ -- Cassandra and Ernie, Grandview, girl, May 21.

NAJERA -- Cindy and Everardo, Grandview, girl, May 27.

PHILLIPS -- Christi and Jordan Beck, Sunnyside, girl, May 28.

MCMILLAN -- Amber, Pasco, boy, May 30.

GARCIA -- Ashley and Edwy, Grandview, boy, June 4.

GROW -- Hannah and Jacob Rinehart, Grandview, girl, June 5.

FUENTES -- Isabel and Diego Medel, Prosser, boy, June 10.

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