Letter: No to Rachel Road

June 14, 2014 

Richland shouldn't build Rachel Road over Amon Creek Natural Preserve to connect Leslie Road to Steptoe Street.

One recent letter to the editor incorrectly insinuated only nearby residents and Tapteal Greenway members were against Rachel Road.

I live in north Richland and am not a Tapteal member. I recently attended parks and recreation, planning commission and city council meetings. Those who spoke against development of the Amon Basin and against extending Rachel Road included residents of Kennewick, Pasco and other communities.

I meet friends for walks near the preserve twice a week. We, along with others, enjoy the beauty of the area. The preserve is a perfect place to take children to learn about nature. A road can't be built without damaging the preserve.

I observe heavy equipment daily. No matter how skilled the operator is, damage will occur. When the preserve is damaged by road building, it will take years to recover. Recovery is difficult without lots of nurturing. The cost for nurturing and recovery will be high and probably will be a low priority. Consequently, it is probable the preserve will not acceptably recover from building the road. Please speak out against extending Rachel Road!


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