Letter: Rezone lacks balance

June 14, 2014 

Richland's strategic leadership plan states that the city will balance private and public interests in the preservation of identified natural and environmentally sensitive areas.

However, the city council just approved a rezone of Amon Basin, along with a plat by Hayden Homes to fill the basin with more than 300 homes. This does not seem to balance private and public interests at all.

The public has spoken at many city meetings during the last year to voice strong opposition to the development of Amon Basin, which is home to many wild animals and gorgeous habitat. And yet, the development was approved.

On June 17, the council will discuss the transportation improvement plan (TIP). This plan includes extending a road from Queensgate Boulevard, around South Badger development, up through the current Rachel Road neighborhood, across Leslie and through Amon Creek Natural Preserve, connecting to Center Parkway in Kennewick.

If the TIP is approved, Amon Creek Natural Preserve will be seriously damaged, and the Rachel Road neighborhood will be greatly affected.

Richland's "values, vision and mission" states that Richland is responsible for enhancing the community's favorable quality of life and protecting Richland's natural environment. Let's watch Richland hold true to its mission statement June 17.


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