Letter: Overweight America

June 14, 2014 

What has our country come too? There is an extreme obesity problem among adults, let alone children, which has been underestimated.

According to the website heathyamericans.org, half of Americans could be obese by 2030, but only 36 percent of Americans are obese today.

What will it take for our dear parents to wake up? Should they be fined? Better yet, taxed? I find it very sad to see young, defenseless children in this situation. I cannot understand parents' lack of responsibility in failing to be strict with their children. Not only does this lack of parenting skills physically affect the development of these children, but it also influences them emotionally, socially and psychologically.

The reality of this matter is that people first see one's physical appearance, and that is simply unavoidable. Whether a child becomes successful or fails in life ultimately is a reflection of their parents' support.

Furthermore, the Social Security Administration defines obesity as a chronic and complex disease that is characterized by excessive accumulation of body fat. In the end, this is America, a democratic nation, and the government has little say in regulating one's diet.

Technically, our government encourages these actions because it's all about the money-making economy.


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