Letter: Amon Creek unique

June 12, 2014 

One of the few places in the Tri-Cities to truly be a part of our shrub-steppe environment is the Amon Creek Natural Preserve (ACNP). With much sadness, I have observed the threats to the preserve posed by Clearwater Creek development. The most egregious threat by far is the proposed Rachel Road extension.

The destruction of ACNP will be the clear outcome if a road is placed through the middle of the preserve. I encourage you to stand across from Rachel Road and visualize what it will look like. The damage will begin with construction and continue from run-off and traffic volume.

It is my impression that those making decisions are guided only by expediency and dollar signs and have little understanding of what a very special place it is. We chose to retire in Richland to be able to enjoy places like ACNP. I am not sure I would make that decision today because the things I value are fast disappearing.

Any city can build roads and make room for development. Very few cities have within their limits a place as unique and special as the ACNP. I urge the city to save the ACNP for my children to enjoy.


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