Letter: Praise from the park

June 11, 2014 

For the last two months, lots of wonderful volunteers helped on several events at Sacajawea State Park. In April we had "Make the Park Shine Day," promoted by the Friends of Sacajawea State Park. The Friends, park volunteers, a Cub Scout pack and families provided a great turnout and we had a wonderful time.

In May, we held the Salmon Celebration program, when children (mostly fourth-graders) released into the Snake River the salmon they had raised in their classrooms from eggs. There were also third-grade field trips, plus bus and boat tours.

Our group of volunteers helped every day, giving tours of the Interpretive Center and the Confluence Project. They also planted trees in the park with the Daughters of the Pioneers, Garden Genies, Kennewick Lyons Club and Sacajawea Friends group, which bought the trees.

There are nearly 30 volunteers and camp hosts who help to keep the Interpretive Center open Sunday through Saturday. There are many more events in the park where up to a 100 volunteers help.

I just want thank all of these wonderful volunteers for coming when I call for help. I couldn't do what I do for the park without their help.


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