Letter: Blame Reid, Obama

June 9, 2014 

Gary Boothe (Letters, May 20) states, "If a person works all his life for wages, at any job, at the expensive of body and mind, then that person should attain a good living and a secure future. If this is not a primary goal of the government, and if it is not achieved, then the government must be overthrown by the workers."

Isn't that just another way of stating the old communist phrase of yesteryear, "Workers of the world, unite?"

Remember the pictures and the articles written about the communist-ruled countries of the world and remember the squalor and degradation as a result of communists directing the lives of the people? We're headed there with breakneck speed because of Obamacare, an increasing amount of government regulations and government setting wages.

Government caused the problems in the first place. Government then proposes solutions with more regulations. This leads to continued growth of taxation, regulation and larger government taking ever more from the producers and giving to the nonproducers, thus creating even more dependents who vote for the politicians promising them the most.

Every job-creating bill passed by the House ends up at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's feet, and it's there they stay. The Keystone pipeline has been blessed by every study, but President Obama and Reid block it. Blame democrats for a lack of jobs, not former President Bush.


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