Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Cities' fair option

June 8, 2014 

Why does the Herald think it is wrong to exercise the options that the state Legislature has given us? "It's not OK to address the issue by banning legal businesses," says the Tri-City Herald about the marijuana controversy, but, "State law does allow cities to ban the sale or production of marijuana, though it can't prohibit its use." Since cities are clearly within state law, why does the Tri-City Herald imply there is something wrong with exercising our legal options? "As citizens, we don't get to decide which laws to obey, so why do cities?" asks the Herald.

I suppose once upon a time I would have bought into that argument that is made by those who promote marijuana, gambling or pornography stores. But I travel a lot to San Francisco where they routinely keep out Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and other legal businesses.

I am in favor of letting the majority decide, whether it is Walmart or marijuana. Since the majority of our voters opposed the legalization of marijuana, let the cities exercise their legal option to say no.


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