Letter: Amon objections vague

June 8, 2014 

I attended the Richland Planning Commission meeting May 28 to reason with them to permanently remove the Rachel Road extension from the Transportation Improvement Plan.

As I listened to Kennewick School District Superintendent Dave Bond, I noticed that he said that if Rachel Road came through to Steptoe, the school district might be apt to put a school on the 14 acres right next to what is now Amon Creek Natural Preserve. He didn't say "will." That's a pretty big chance to take on a "might." It "might" be a big boo-boo.

Why would Kennewick need that particular place when they have these three other great sites to use? The district has 20.61 acres near Badger Mountain South and Reata Road, 30.8 acres in Hansen Park off of Clodfelter Road and the vacant property next to La Pierre Field. How many years ago were they going to put a school on it?

Those three sites have excellent roads in place and they are not destroying a wildlife sanctuary.

We really don't need to get to the mall any quicker. We really need this beautiful natural open space and so do the birds, reptiles, fish and mammals.


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