Letter: Preserve Amon Creek

June 8, 2014 

The involvement of the Kennewick School District in the urban development adjacent to the Amon Creek Natural Preserve seems to be a last-minute addition to the conversation about this area. Why wasn't the district actively involved in all the public discussions that already have occurred?

Why should residents in this urban area be taxed for a road that isn't needed and would effectively destroy a wonderful outdoor classroom experience, which is a unique learning opportunity for all ages and walks of life?

In order to keep to our agreements, let us never see Rachel Road, or any other municipal amenity, cut through the Amon Creek Natural Preserve, and destroy all that we, in partnership, have worked so hard for.

As Richland and Kennewick continue to expand in their urban growth, the natural open spaces we are trying to protect become even more important to the general health and quality of life in the Tri-City area. They are becoming islands in a sea of urbanizing. Let's not lose them altogether. The Amon Creek Natural Preserve is an opportunity to establish a legacy for both Richland and Kennewick.


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