Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Just say no

June 8, 2014 

I'm 31 and I've lived in the Tri-Cities for most of my life. Reading these stories about city councils wanting to ban pot businesses is mind-boggling. Like it or not, marijuana is legal in this state. That's not changing, so why aren't we trying to make revenue from it? I have heard they're concerned about the danger it could pose to young people. That danger will be no less than the recent liquor law passed in this state. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug and we sell it at Walmart.

I really wish more citizens researched this topic and the general war on drugs. Portugal for example, decriminalized drugs over 10 years ago and they've had a drop in crime and users. We've all been told that drugs are bad and the people who use them are bad. But spending just an hour or two researching on the Internet and I think most of us would realize this is a health issue, not a law enforcement issue. Prohibition didn't work in the '20s and it isn't working now. The Tri-Cities and the state of Washington has a tremendous opportunity to show there's a better alternative.


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