Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Some laws are just bad

June 8, 2014 

Marijuana -- it's the law! Well some laws are just plain wrong, the laws of Nazi Germany being a stark example. Some laws have flaws -- recent laws forcing people, businesses and organizations to do things contrary to their religious beliefs are among those. Some laws are specific to certain areas -- it's legal to drive 70 mph on most of I-182, but it's definitely not legal to drive that fast on George Washington Way. We recognize that safety is the reason for that last example.

Safety is one of the concerns many of us have with the pot laws. How safe are we if a pot farm or business moves in next to us? What is the city/county/pot business going to do to protect us? If the west side folks want pot but we don't, why should they be able to impose their wants on us? (Pot still is illegal according to federal law.)

If people believe that a law is wrong or flawed, they have the right to speak up and try to correct the situation. I would hope that our local governments (city and county) would be responsive to the wishes of the people who actually live here.


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