Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Represent constituents

June 8, 2014 

The recent initiative approved by Washington west-side voters supporting recreational marijuana left a provision for cities and counties to "opt out." City council members are elected by their respective constituencies to represent them and their desires. Our council members and commissioners need to exercise their option to "opt out" as we spoke with our votes.

For the following reasons, cities whose citizens did not support the marijuana initiative have a responsibility to follow their citizens' desires:

1. Marijuana use and sales are a violation of federal law.

2. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to create irreversible brain damage.

3. Funds have not been designated for enforcement of individuals who violate laws who are found to be under the influence of marijuana. This will create another undue financial burden to the taxpayers.

4. City council members take an oath to support our federal and state constitutions. Nowhere in these documents is there a reference to legalized marijuana.

5. West-side voters created chaos when they chose to pass an initiative in violation of federal law.

6. Specifically, the voters in Pasco and Franklin County resoundingly defeated this initiative. Therefore, it is the job of our council members and commissioners to represent the people who elected them and just say no to recreational marijuana.


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