Fast Focus: 'Should cities ban pot businesses?' Deal with the problem

June 8, 2014 

If you have a problem, do the ostrich thing and bury your head in the sand and it may go away.

The main thing is that marijuana is not "no worse than alcohol," it is way better. People get drunk and crash cars, kill people and many other nasty things. A person high on pot does things like overeat, listen to music or just take a nap.

The whole notion of legalization is to eliminate the negative things associated with pot, namely drug cartels and the whole underground system of distribution, as well as regulate supply and make significant tax revenue.

I keep hearing the argument that it will make pot available to our youth. The truth is it already is.

Pot is here and has been for many decades. It is long overdue we deal with it in a more rational way.

-- BRADY LAYMAN III, Kennewick

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